Anti Vibration Rubber Pad For Washing Machine

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Best Protection

The washing machine foot pads may extend the lifespan of your appliances by reducing damage to internal parts caused by continuous vibrations.

Anti Vibration & Anti Walk Rubber Dampers work like washing machine mat pan stand: excludes walking, reduce vibration

Vibration & Noise Damping

The Vibration dampening reduces the noise caused by a non-stable washer or dryer.

Doing laundry will become a quiet and pleasant task.

Providing stabilizing support for large appliances including washing machines and clothes dryers,

The anti-walk pads reduce vibrations, noise, and slipping for smooth, quiet operation.

Premium Quality
This product is made of quality rubber that has very good vibration-absorbing abilities.

This will prevent any "walking" or skidding of your machines.

This rubber is also very sticky to ensure that your washer and dryer stay in place.

Easy to install
No tools or messy adhesives required. Simply lift each corner of the machine and slide the noise absorbing pads into place.
To make it even more convenient, our pads are designed to fit all standard washers and dryers with four legs.
It's very easy to stick our rubber feet. Don't skip leveling the machines!

Material: ABS

Prevents vibration during operation of the washing machine

Can be used on washing machine, furniture, refrigerator, cooker and other things with legs

The item will protect the floor from scratching

Reduces the risk of breaking legs

Practical to use

Size: 6.5 x 8.2 x 4.2 cm (2.55 x3.22x1.65 in)



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