Ionic Filtration Shower Head

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Award-Winning Design

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There isn’t a showerhead out on the market quite like this. Sure, there are others with different stream and massage settings, but only this one combines luxury appeal with powerful ionic mineral balls to promote safer showers. As the water passes through, the minerals absorb the chemicals and bacteria for brighter skin and hair.
With the Ionic Filtration Shower Head, you can expect:
Lower fatigue
Lower water usage
Improved hydration and cell regeneration
Cleaner shower!
A Spa-Like Home Experience
Our shower head does more than clean and purify your shower water, you have three jet modes to choose from for a spa-like, comforting experience. With the flip of a switch, you can go from Massage to Jet to Rainfall.

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Better Pressure and Better Water Savings

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Not only does our Ionic Filtration Shower Head provide much better water pressure (up to 200%) but you can save up to 30% on water consumption too! The secret is in the 180 laser-cut jets on each shower head for a constant, high-pressure stream.
Don’t be alarmed – There are harmful chemicals in your shower water.
No, they won’t kill you or make you devastatingly ill, but these chemicals, free radicals, and pollutants can lead to all sorts of issues and can negatively affect your skin, nail, and hair health.
The sad truth is, it’s not your pipes or your fault—it’s the cities! They know their infrastructure isn’t what it should be but it’s a trillion-dollar fix. Until they rip up the pipes in every city, this problem will persist, that is until you try the Ionic Filtration Shower Head!
Our special filter is used to fight against the harsh chemicals and bacteria that work their way into your shower. By passing through our mineral elements built into the shower head, they’re removed, so you can enjoy clean, pure water every morning.
The best part is you get to save water too! Our shower head uses up to 200% more water pressure than others, so you’re getting more water and a better experience without having to use a single drop more. In fact, you’ll use less!
How Our Ion Mineral Balls Keep Your Shower Safe
So, what makes our ion mineral balls so special? Well, think about what your showers are like without them. You have straight, unfiltered water jetting directly onto your skin, scalp, and in your hair. If you take hot showers, those chemicals and that bacteria just steam and you’re breathing it in. Our ion minerals eliminate all of that harmful pollution and make your shower much cleaner and healthier.
No more bacteria, heavy metals, chlorine, chloramine, fluoride, iron, or other common metals. Just clean, pure water!
Quick and Easy Install
If you can remember “righty tighty, lefty loosey,” you can install our shower head. It takes seconds to take off your old shower head and install ours. Then you’re all set!

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